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Since its inception in 2018, “Where Do We Go From Here” (WDWGFH) has been a beacon of hope and healing for countless families in New York City, grappling with the unimaginable aftermath of violence. Our mission is deeply rooted in providing compassionate, culturally sensitive support to those whose lives have been shattered by the loss of a loved one to gun violence. When a life is lost to violence in the five boroughs, community partners know they can call WDWGFH to help with the family in need.

From the immediate, heart-wrenching moments at crime scenes, emergency rooms, and morgues to the long, challenging path of investigations, trials, and funeral arrangements, our team is there. We offer more than just a shoulder to lean on; we provide culturally sensitive, emotional, and practical support that resonates with each individual’s experience. Our presence is a promise of unwavering support and solidarity.

But our commitment extends far beyond these initial stages of loss. The path to healing is ongoing and WDWGFH is always on and always available to the families under their care. Mothers and families find a sanctuary in WDWGFH, where they can navigate their grief with dignity and strength. Our comprehensive programs offer healing circles, specialized training in trauma and PTSD, guidance through grief processes, and personalized case management services, all within a nurturing and secure environment.

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What NYC Mothers Say About Our Efforts

WDWGFH is there for grieving families. Carolyn Dixon is part of a crisis management system providing support and a safe space to grieve, cope, and heal. She speaks to the community about gun violence, and the community loves her. WDWGFH is mothers, fathers, and aunts of individuals who have been murdered. No one had to study what to say or how to approach our grief. Ms. Dixon’s phone is always on, and she will calm you when the storm of emotions takes over. She will go to court with you. She will follow up to check on your well-being. I’ve formed a lifetime bond with the women that I’ve met at WDWGFH. They were welcoming and supportive and understood every emotion I felt.

– Lashon (Staten Island)

After the death of my son, Greg, Carol Dixon, and WDWGFH were there for me, especially on days when I was having a challenging (emotional) day. WDWGFH helped change the community’s approach to dealing with grief and loss due to gun violence by being available even after closing hours.

“Donor” generosity would help not just you if needed, but others in our community who may be in need of a secure, welcoming place to go for help as they’re grieving and learning to heal after the loss of a loved one due to gun violence.

– Linda (Jamaica Queens)