It is only after the deepest
darkness that the greatest
light can come; it is only
after extreme grief that
the greatest joy can come.

- Malcom X, Civil Rights Activist

Our Founder

Where Do We Go From Here Cofounder Carolyn Dixon

Carolyn Dixon

In May 2014, Carolyn’s life took a drastic turn. While in South Jamaica, Queens, her son was tragically murdered right before her eyes over a minor parking incident. Darrell Lynch, her middle child of three, was a beloved community member, lost in a senseless act of gun violence. He was just 24 years old. 

Caught in a whirlwind of emotions, it took Carolyn some time to get back on her feet.  Despite her own pain, she continued to work as a substance abuse counselor, where she nurtured and inspired her patients even as she struggled to find her own peace. 

Unsure of where to turn, Carolyn began to lose hope, gripped by the heartwrenching pain and confusion remaining in the wake of her son’s tragic death. In her darkest hours, Carolyn turned to prayer, asking for any sign of hope from her son to guide her forward. 

Shortly after her prayer, she went to a doctor’s appointment, where she was greeted by the same physician who delivered Darrell at birth. The physician recognized Carolyn first, and upon entering the physician’s office, there was a picture of Darrell staring right back at Carolyn.  Carolyn saw this coincidence as a sign that she indeed had a higher calling. 

Since that fateful day with the physician, Carolyn has dedicated her life to guiding families through similar experiences. As her focus shifted to helping families in crisis, she sought out organizations with a similar mission, such as LifeCamp. Carolyn eventually ventured into her own endeavors as a survivor and guide for others with her nonprofit organization, Where Do We Go From Here? 

As the driving force behind her organization,  Carolyn comes to the immediate aid of her community members in their times of need. Seflessly, she races in with resources and genuine care 24/7, year-round, across the five boroughs of New York. As meditative and mindfulness practices and retreats played a major role in her healing, Carolyn brings these skills and experiences to the families she works with. She also works with families to navigate the legal and logistical aftermath of the death of a loved one. Carolyn also leads one-on-one counseling sessions and art programs 

As a defining agent of change, Carolyn actively organizes and engages with her community members to advocate for peace and healing. She leads with a loving and gracious nature, inspiring hopeful outcomes and lasting connections. Despite the darkness that she faced when she lost her son, Carolyn has become a beacon of hope and a pillar of strength to family and friends who face similar tragedies. Carolyn shows us that we can rise into a new day and a new life, together.

There Were 380 Nyc Deaths from Gun Violence in 2023.*

Gun violence is unfortunately a constant in our lives. Survivors of gun violence are an important part of combating the national crisis. Ms. Dixon has constantly proven herself as a warrior in this war, from her work with her healing circle; to her community events and initiatives, through her direct survivors support work (e.g., hospital response), to being an advocate spokeswoman to advance gun-safety regulations.

Where Do We Go From Here is an important organization in the fight to stop gun violence, and I hope they receive the support needed to continue their work.

- Gun Violence Survivors Advisory Council Board Member Marie Delus

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WDWGFH proudly collaborates with other community-focused organizations to provide comprehensive services to NYC families and neighborhoods. We work together to provide needed support, sanctuary, and healing so that communities can survive loss and thrive.

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