The Pain You Feel Today
Will be the Strength
You Feel Tomorrow

- Maya Angelou, Author and Activist

What We Do

Where Do We Go From Here is a vital lifeline in New York City, offering a comprehensive support system for mothers, families, and communities devastated by the loss of loved ones to violence. We are dedicated to delivering compassionate, culturally sensitive assistance during the most critical times of need—from the immediate aftermath of violence to the long, complex journey of healing that follows. With a focus on dignity, strength, and solidarity, WDWGFH provides a range of services, including emotional support, trauma and PTSD training, grief counseling, and personalized case management.

WDWGFH’s ensures that those facing the darkest moments are not alone, providing a path to navigate their grief with dignity and strength, and fostering a community of resilience and hope amidst profound loss.

Crisis Support

In-Person Hospital Response
48 Hours of Meals
Govt Funding Assistance (Burial)
Funeral Arrangements

In the immediate aftermath of violence, the shock and despair that envelop a family can be overwhelming. WDWGFH steps in with crisis support that is both compassionate and comprehensive. Our team is on the ground, offering in-person support at hospitals to comfort families during their most vulnerable moments. Recognizing the practical burdens that accompany grief, we provide 48 hours of meals to the bereaved family, alleviating one of the day-to-day pressures.

Navigating the complexities of government assistance programs for burial funding is a daunting task for those in mourning. WDWGFH acts as a guide, ensuring families receive the support they’re entitled to, while also assisting with the intricacies of funeral arrangements. This initial support is a critical first step in a family’s journey through grief, offering a semblance of stability in a world turned upside down.

Ongoing Assistance

NYPD/Queen’s DA Case Support
Court Support
Grief/Trauma Counseling
Healing Circles
Healing Retreats

The journey of healing from such profound loss is long and requires sustained, multifaceted support. WDWGFH recognizes the critical need for ongoing assistance that addresses both the emotional and logistical challenges that arise in the wake of violence. We provide invaluable support through complex NYPD / Queen’s DA investigations and offer court support that ensures families are not alone during the legal process. Beyond the courtroom, WDWGFH offers lifelong grief and trauma counseling, embracing mindful approaches through healing circles and retreats. These programs are designed to offer survivors a path to healing that acknowledges their pain and fosters resilience, ensuring that no one must navigate their grief alone.

Community Engagement

Survivor Events
Neighborhood Events

Violence leaves a void not only in the lives of the immediate family members but also within the community. WDWGFH understands the ripple effects of such loss and works tirelessly to foster healing and unity at a community level. Through survivor events, neighborhood gatherings, and memorials, we create spaces for collective mourning and healing, recognizing that the path to overcoming such tragedies is one that requires the support and solidarity of the entire community. These events serve not only as a tribute to those lost but also as a powerful reminder of the strength found in unity, offering hope and a path forward for communities shattered by violence. In doing so, WDWGFH not only supports individuals and families in their personal grief journeys but also plays a crucial role in the broader process of community healing and resilience-building.